Mobili Segato Srl is a company operating in the market by 40 years, working on the production of customized furniture. Over the years, it has evolved its own production parallel to the market requirements and as well to the technological ones.
The employment of numeric control machinery for the drilling, pantographing, moulding and smoothing manufacturing has allowed the quality of the products to reach an excellent level, meeting everybody's needs.
The constant collaboration with architecture offices, designers and leader companies of the sector has contributed to the growth of the firm, integrating also high technology materials such as glasses, stones, corian, steel and aluminum.
Mobili Segato is distinguished essentially by the hand-crafted manufacturing , modern techniques and the use of materials with formaldehyde contents complying to the European norms UNI Class E1.
Paintings are committed to trusted expert craftsmen to guarantee the high quality of the finished product and to make it able to satisfy at full Customer's needs.
The proposed solutions are several: opaque, shiny and semi-shiny varnishing, colour samples, special dyes on veneer of any essence
Customers are assisted also during the assembling phase to be assured with high qualitative standard and care of the image. In this connection, furniture is pre-emptively assembled in the firm to limit both the stay at customer's habitation and the duration of the installation; this allows also to forecast possible changes tied to pillars, power panels, water drainings and so on.
Our concept of "customized" is not limited to the dimensional aspect of the furnishing but proposes also the possibility to "personalize" by creating on demand engravings, writings, drawings and insertion of digital printings on its own furniture.

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